About Us

Welcome to Vegas Puck Line!

We are excited you have made the decision to learn more about our brand and culture. Vegas Puck Line (VPL) is an exciting brand that was created by and is for Vegas Golden Knights (VGK) fans. Our mission is to provide a culture and community within the amazing VGK brand like no other. We are strategically designing apparel that VGK fans can relate to, without having to worry about sponsors and/or corporate influence.

 More than likely, we are just like you: Las Vegas locals, who, up until a year ago, were wishing that we had something to tie our community together through sports. Over the years, we at VPL have met and connected with so many amazing individuals by attending live sporting events, mostly outside of Vegas. Then came the Golden Knights. Just like you, we were swept into the mania of the inaugural season. It was a magical ride all the way to the Stanley Cup Finals! From the moment we stepped into a home game at T-Mobile Arena, we, like many others, were hooked. Shortly after that, VPL was born.

 Vegas Puck Line is a brand that has a connection to its fans, and we want you to embrace each other as a second family. This is our own community. When you see the VPL logo on another fan, you know that person is a member of this awesome community, and we look forward to the camaraderie.  

“THEY” (those outside of Las Vegas) said this is a city with no sense of community, that we are all just a bunch of transplants from around the world. However, on 1 October, “THEY” were proven wrong. This city is unique and this brand is unique. We are excited to show you what we are working on, and cannot wait to expand the brand, outside of hockey apparel!  Thank you, again, for embracing our brand so quickly and with open arms. We are VEGAS STRONG!


Steve & Dania

Vegas Puck Line Owners & CEOs


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